Before You Go

What does a typical fishing day look like? Our 8-hour trips usually commence at 8 am with the return time being set for 4 pm. Anglers will meet their guide at their assigned boat launch unless a hotel pick-up has been arranged. We can accommodate almost any schedule, so start and finish times are very flexible. We also offer evening sturgeon or salmon trips during the months of May through September. If a guest has booked a combination salmon and sturgeon trip, the guide and the guest can discuss and determine how much effort and time will be spent on each species. Lunches are included in packages. A cooler with ice is provided, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.
What do I need to bring along? All rods reels and gear are provided for you. Some suggestions for things you should consider bringing are an extra pair of socks, sweatshirt, rain jacket (weather permitting), hat, sunscreen, sunglasses & gloves (if it’s cold). Please dress in layers as the weather varies throughout the day. Please do not forget your camera! Should you be traveling and limited on space, with notice our guides can provide you with some of these items.
How do I get my fishing license? Fishing licenses are available for purchase online from the Provincial Government’s website: Please make sure that everyone has got a printed copy of their fishing license with them for the day. Each angler 16 and older will need a basic freshwater license with the appropriate conservation stamps. All anglers fishing for sturgeon require a sturgeon conservation stamp. If you wish to keep any salmon, you will need a non-tidal salmon stamp.
For any trips out of the Mission Marina, or west of Mission, you will require a Tidal fishing license. These can be purchased from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans’ site at There are no stamps required for sturgeon fishing, however, you will need a salmon stamp to fish for them.
Not sure which license to buy? Double check your confirmation email – license info and the correct link will be provided when you book your trip. Or, give us a call!